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Own a Premium Property Through a Shared Ownership

Co-ownership is a purchase option that allows you to own a unit in any of our premium properties, even if you are unable to afford the lump sum required to buy it outrightly. It is an affordable means for potential clients to have a stake in a high-end property.

The number of people required for this purchase option is a minimum of two (2) people and a maximum of thirty (30) persons.

  • A co-owned apartment is pre-divisible into several units, and each unit costs a specified amount. Potential clients are allowed to purchase more than one unit to form their equity share in the property.
  • Each buyer has an ownership percentage of the property depending on the number of the unit purchased.
  • The units are held in trust by a trustee. But in the case where co-owners are familiar with each other, a mutually beneficial agreement can be decided.
  • This product allows several interested buyers to co-own a unit in a preferred premium property on our list.
  • The value of each unit will appreciate as development advances up until delivery at an estimated percentage growth rate
  • Each unit can be tied to an investment product in multiples of 10,000, 000.
  • With the investment product, buyers can earn 33% more after delivery.
  • Total estimated returns per unit for a co-owned apartment increase after delivery.
  • Co-owners will receive a prorated share of the rental income according to their equity.
  • Owners can liquidate their ownership at any point in time by notifying ANC of their intentions.
  •  In the event of ownership liquidation, ANC ensures there is a ready pool of participants to choose from as a replacement to take up the available equity share.
  • Owners liquidating their ownerships are entitled to their principal plus capital appreciation.

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