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A Time-share is a purchase option suitable for corporate organizations, business travelers, expatriates, regular tourists who visit consistently for various reasons ranging from business to tourism. It caters to buyers within the country and in the diaspora.

Timeshare is an arrangement whereby subscribers have the right to use a jointly owned apartment in any of our high-end properties for a minimum of 2 weeks every year.

  • Our timeshare apartment is scheduled according to the number of weeks in a year – 52 weeks.
  • Payment for the time-share period in the apartment is fixed every year. Ownership can be retained for 50 years.
  • The 2 weeks’ time-share period costs a specific amount, and payment can be spread during the construction stage.
  • The estimated rate for 2 weeks over 50 years is to the current price in the market.
  • However, these rates are subject to applicable statutory taxes.
  • The ownership percentage of a buyer is calculated based on the number of weeks paid for.
  • Each buyer is allowed to own the apartment for a minimum of 2 weeks in a year, after which another buyer takes over.
  • Our facility managers are tasked with your move management. They take care of the physical logistics you need to settle in and also when you leave.
  • Our facility managers cover every detail from apartment maintenance to personalized services to ensure your comfort while you are visiting. They also ready the apartment before the new owners take over.
  • Depending on the amount of time paid for, buyers can enjoy numerous add-on services such as airport pickup, concierge, and several others that’s complimentary to living in the property.
  • Buyers are allowed to pay for more than the specified two weeks. This increases ownership percentage.
  • After expiration, the time-share slot is resold to new subscribers.
  • Timeshare ownership saves you time and resources searching for a quality hotel reservation when you visit.
  • A timeshare property will serve as a second home that offers the same quality living experience you are used to. A home away from home.
  • Future accommodation expenses can be locked down at today’s price with timeshare ownership.
  • Unlike a second home that remains vacant for the better part of the year and still incurs high maintenance costs, a timeshare property saves you money. Buyers only pay for the duration of time spent. 

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